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KIM MCPHERSON | The Well Nurse

An ex ICU nurse from Australia I inspire others to make positive changes to their health and their lives, through my journey of overcoming adrenal burnout, emotional eating to quitting my job and healing myself through nutritional cleansing and tapping I am now living my dream life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


I share my favourite recipes, offer my programs in healing emotional eating disorder to having you loving your body and life.

Growing up in country Victoria, Australia, I dreamt of living a different lifestyle. With the love of travel and nurturance of others I fell into nursing as it was something others told me I was good at.

I always had a love of health food, raw chocolate and yoga. 2014 saw me turning 30 and heading overseas to Mexico to do my yoga teacher training, it was here where I fell in LOVE with the land and the ease and flow of the Mexican lifestyle.

During this time I had a long standing journey with weight loss, adrenal fatigue, emotional eating, orthorexia and body confidence. During a time of desperation After trying allll of the things to overcome emotional eating and orthorexia I found a tapping course which I loved so much so became certified. I now combine these to provide women with tools to ignite their inner goddess.

Click here to read my full story of how I came to find EFT, how I released stress around food and my body and why I do what I do.

During my new found trust in the universe and my saturn return I started to write out a life that I loved, including waking up to the sound of the crashing ocean, doing work I love and being surrounded by inspiring people.

I had no idea that my struggles with my body would actually lead me to living my ultimate life...

I love mermaiding at the ocean, womens gatherings, making raw chocolate and conscious conversations.

Pic by Naomi Maldonado Photography

This is me, the sensitive one who always coped with stress using food...

Food was my drug of choice, it was also an ongoing form of stress.
I now have complete peace around food and my body.
Click here to read my full story 

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