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KIM MCPHERSON | The Well Nurse

I want to share a story of how I found an incredible tool that healed my relationship with food and my body and freed me from 25 years of emotional eating and stressing about my body.


I did it all without restricting my food. It sounds insane but it’s something that will change your life and probably your friends too. 


As a matter of fact many of my clients have

called this magic...


This technique can be used to:


  • Release Weight Effortlessly

  • Release Stress

  • Change your relationship With your body & food

  • Stop Self Sabotage

  • Support Boundaries/ Have Healthy Relationships

  • Step into Your True Potential 


Before I tell you about the technique...let me tell you

my story of how I personally healed my own

emotional eating and lost weight.


My story starts years and years ago.


Like everybody else, my issues with weight started

when I was young.


As a kid I was constantly soothing myself with food.


Food was always my way of relaxing and dealing with uncomfortable emotions.


Along with having a bad relationship with food,

I struggled with my weight in those early years too.


I have early memories of my teenage years being uncomfortable in my body.  I dreaded going to the pool and people seeing me in my swimmers.


I used to dread removing my towel to get into the water. Then when I got out of the pool I would shuffle to my towel to cover myself.


I was an insecure teen and hunched over a lot to hide my developing body.


Over the next 20 years I wondered why I couldn’t lose weight. I saw my friends eat anything they wanted and stay thin.


I've always been passionate about health and wellness, I love finding new ways to feel good in my body, mind and soul.


Despite this I couldn’t figure out why I struggled so much with emotional eating.


I knew what to eat but I struggled to stick to a wellness regime.


I used food as a comfort; it was my drug of choice. I ate to soothe myself and couldn’t stop.


I felt like sugar controlled me. I thought I had no willpower.


My weight affected my mood, energy levels and so many of my decisions.


I thought I was always going to be chubby and that I needed to work harder at loving and accepting myself the way I was.


I know what it’s like to want to look and feel better in your body.


Over the last 20 years I have tried everything to lose weight;

  • Intense works-outs and Crossfit 6 days a week,

  • Fasting,

  • Smoothie diets,

  • Keto,

  • Cleanses,

  • Nutritionists/ dieticians,

  • Health retreats,

  • Personal training,

  • Hypnosis,

  • Energy work and

  • Plant medicine.


These worked only on the symptoms rather than addressing the root problem.


I was ready to give up.


Then a stressful time in my life caused my emotional eating to go out of control. 


I started looking for ways to support myself (again).


That’s when I came across the wonderful world of EFT.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It’s where you tap on different points of the body to release certain blocks.


When I first heard about it I was incredibly skeptical.


How can something like tapping on the body help somebody lose weight?


I was at the end of my tether and decided “What the heck” I’ve tried everything else that’s out there.


I’m glad I did, it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.


Even though I was skeptical of “another thing” I dove deep into a coaching program.


For me, having a coach was vital, I needed someone to show me my blind spots, I was also tired of doing things alone. 


I needed to look outside of myself and google searching for the answer.


I wondered how this could be different?


Through these techniques I was able to free myself from emotional eating and cravings!


I lost weight easier than ever before. But this time is permanent.


I now feel radiant in my body, which I haven’t felt in decades!


I can have chocolate, peanut butter and chips in the house and forget they are even there!


I am free around food for the first time in my life (No more Orthorexia!).


I lost the puffiness in my face and the constant bloated belly I had had for years. I started to feel sexy and confident in my bikini.


Unexpectedly through these techniques I also developed better relationships.


I can speak up more and set clear boundaries for myself.


I am not comparing myself with others anymore, this has been so freeing.


I am more confident, more playful and feel more feminine!


After going through what I went through I know how effective and life changing this is. So I became a certified EFT tapping therapist and I now work passionately with women who have tried everything to lose weight.


This therapy compliments all my learnings over the years so I've put it all into my coaching programs.


I would love to connect with you to share the wisdom and strategies that have worked for me and thousands of others.


So how can “tapping” help you lose weight?


Simply put, it can remove different weight loss blockers we all have.


Not only that, but tapping is by far the best method in existence to heal a bad relationship with food.


Once you can end emotional and binge eating, your weight will auto correct.


It’s my mission to help women to; 

  • Release emotional eating 

  • To have more energy and

  • Balance mood


So if any of this resonated with you, click here to sign up for a strategy session with me.


During the strategy session, we will:


  • Figure out your weight loss blockers

  • Talk about your relationship with food and why it is your subconscious that is driving you to eat

  • We will come up with a structured plan to address these issues

  • Tap through one of these blocks and I will share a technique that has helped thousands overcome one of these weight loss blockers

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