Nourishing your vessel and giving yourself the utmost self care is the ultimate act of self love. But often times this is easier said than done.

If you have tried EVERYTHING you could find to fix the excess weight, food obsessions and addictions and still feel 100% powerless? Take a deep breath, you’re in the right place.

My 6 and 12 session packages are designed to help you stop eating emotionally using the most powerful tools in modern psychology. We will work together to

reprogram your limiting beliefs about yourself and your body so you can lose weight without cutting calories or depriving yourself of the foods you love.


My goal is to help you overcome your lifelong struggle with food, to break through subconscious weight loss blockers by reprogramming your brain, so you can finally gift yourself (and stick to) your self care wellness lifestyle.


We are not supposed to do life alone, asking for support with this is a sign of strength, not weakness.

For the last 6 years I've supported and witnessed women having phenomenal results for their health + wellbeing which are SUSTAINABLE.

My program empowers you to have your own transformation, which lasts. 

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Package INTEND (6 sessions)

You'll get:


Collapse cravings 

Reduce your emotional eating by 60-70%

Work through up to 4 subconscious weight loss blockers

Heal & transmute major wounds. 

Access to me via voice message/ text between sessions

MP3's, tapping scripts, videos

Additional fun self reflective exercises to do between sessions.

Release anger and learn techniques to stop self sabotage.

A lifetime tool to have to reduce stress, anxiety, fear.

Package TRUST (12 sessions)

You'll get:

As above plus

Reduce your emotional eating up to 80%

A complete transformation and TRUST around yourself, with others, life and your emotions

A body transformation

Work through relationships and boundaries

Work through your specific weight loss blockers.

Increase self worth.


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"My sessions with you Kimila, helped me to understand that lingering guilt around food and diet allows me not to thrive.


I'm essentially in self-sabotage mode when i'm repeating this pattern. This not only effects the way I feel and see myself in my skin, but this ripples in to other areas of my life too.

I have become more consciously aware of this now since our sessions together, and I now have the capacity to move further away from shameful habits and closer towards self-acceptance.


My emotional eating has reduced about 60-70% and THAT is FREEDOM. Thank you for the incredible work we did together."


Kelly, England