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Have you have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, eliminate binge/emotional eating and self sabotage and still feel 100% powerless?

Take a deep breath, you’re in the right place!

Program promise:  I help women lose weight, regulate their emotions and discover the hidden reasons why they eat emotionally and sabotage their health.

We will work together to reprogram your limiting beliefs about yourself and your body, regulate your emotions so you can lose weight without cutting calories or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
My goal is to help you overcome your lifelong struggle with food, to break through subconscious weight loss blockers by reprogramming your brain, so you can finally lose weight and regulate your emotions.
We are not supposed to do life alone, asking for support with this is a sign of strength, not weakness.


Guarantee: You will learn a lifelong tool to Eliminate Emotional Eating, Cravings, Self Sabotage and Regulate your Emotions.

Schedule your free Strategy session HERE to see if you are a fit for this work.


Package TRUST (12 personalised sessions)


  • Collapse Cravings (so you can have your food kryptonite in the house and forget it is there.

  • Eliminate your emotional/ binge eating up to 100%.

  • Heal & transmute major wounds. 

  • MP3's, tapping scripts, videos

  • Additional fun self reflective exercises to do between sessions.

  • Release anger and learn lifelong tools techniques to ELIMINATE self sabotage.

  • A lifelong tool to have to regulate your emotions (reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm).

  • A complete transformation and TRUST with yourself, your relationships, life and your emotions

  • A body transformation

  • Work through relationships and boundaries- stop people pleasing!

  • Heal your strong inner critic.

  • Work through your specific weight loss blockers.

  • Increase self worth and confidence x10.

Read past client Testimonials


"I am so grateful I met Kimila! I have been fortunate enough to receive coaching from Kimila!


Since our time together, my relationship with food has healed immensely and she has guided me through the subconscious work to heal my negative thought patterns and beliefs! I am the most hopeful I have ever been and love that enjoying food is fun again!"


Leanna, USA

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