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Today I'm travelling from San Jose to LA, so I'm cleansing...

A few pre -cleanse tips for all of those who jumped on board our system;

~ See yourself having completed it, feel the effects of CELLULAR detox, really get excited about the results that you will inevitably receive and FEEL this in your being ; mental clarity, a burst of energy, flat healthy tummy and the RUSH of ENDORPHINS that will flow through your system and ensure you GLOW.

The benefits of this proven system are amazing, it's where the magic really happens, your body goes into overdrive using your body fat for energy, you reproduce healthy cells, your human growth hormone spikes and you release impurities. So knowing those benefits will really help you push through.

~ Drink plenty of water, before during and after. Water is a catalyst for ensuring you flush your cells and support your body. Often we feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. Try some herbal tea, I love making my own ginger tea, Yerba Mate, and peppermint.

~ Have an accountability partner, tell someone you are doing this or do it TOGETHER. Extra support equals extra success. We have an incredibly supportive facebook community that I can add you to if you are not currently in. Reach out, don't try to do this alone.

Happy cleansing xxx

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