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Morning Ritual

Life can easily be lived as a ceremony.

Little things like what we routinely do can be ritualistic and therefore have conscious meaning.

Your morning routine can be as extravagant or as basic as you’d like. Find something that works for you, that you enjoy.

But, like any lifestyle, routine or eating plan it can be beneficial for you in certain stages of your life and not in others. Be fluid with it, test what works for you and be open to changing this when it’s not as useful for you. Whether I’m travelling, isolated at home, whether it’s the weekend or weekday I do my morning routine. It grounds me and sets the tone for my day.

Some of my faves over the years have been;

Morning pages- As started by Julia Cameron who wrote The Artist Way, you write 3 pages of conscious longhand writing. This allows us to access deep creativity, magic and flow.

Breathwork- ecstatic breath by @thescottschwenk, box breathing, breath of fire and the @iceman_hof Wim Hoff method are my fave, they help to oxygenate your body, remove toxins from your blood, wake you up and ensure your precious body isn’t holding onto unneeded tension. Our body holds emotions and trauma within, each experience that we may or may not forget, our body remembers. Breathwork any time of the day is beneficial but morning time feels invigorating.

Meditate- like breathwork you can do this for as little or as long as you like, with a self timer or guided. I use @insighttimer and sit and watch my breath. No need for me to bang on about how incredibly life changing meditating is. If you don’t have time to meditate then you need to.

Movement- any sort of movement to wake up the lymph system is going to set you up for a brilliant day, shaking, dancing, sun salutations, walking the dog, a core workout for increasing confidence and internal power and banging out some burpees are great options.

Sunshine- according to Matt from @thelightdiet getting out and sun gazing in the morning - (sunrise is best) supports mitocondrial function, increases our pineal gland, is brilliant for energy and circadian rhythm.

Have fun with this, find a few of these things that work and test them out.

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