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You may hear me rave on a times about these things called adaptogens, as it is something I am passionate about, I had adrenal burnout and it wasn't pretty. THESE class of herbs has been integral to my experience- so what are they?

ADAPTOGENS are unique plants that have been studied for their abilities to act
as metabolic regulators and to
strengthen the body’s capacity to
resist and reduce stress + support our adrenal system.

They have also been proven for their abilities
to enhance physical and mental performance.

🌟 Ashwagandha – Found to decrease feelings of stress and reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

🌟 Wolfberry – Increases resistance against
psychological stress and may contribute to mental clarity, normal working memory, and focus.

🌟 Schizandra – An antioxidant that increases endurance and mental performance.

🌟 Eleuthero - An adaptogenic plant that supports energy, physical performance and helps combats stress.

🌟 Rhodiola - Increases energy, reduces
fatigue and enhances cognitive function and physical performance.

🌟 Hawthorn Berry - enhances the ability to combat physiological and psychological stress.

I will not go a DAY without these in my life, I team these into my morning tonic which also has concentrated GINGER (which I'm holding the flower of now)- 🌺


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