Kind Words.

"My sessions with you Kimila, helped me to understand that lingering guilt around food and diet allows me not to thrive. I'm essentially in self-sabotage mode when i'm repeating this pattern. This not only effects the way I feel and see myself in my skin, but this ripples in to other areas of my life too. I have become more consciously aware of this now since our sessions together, and I now have the capacity to move further away from shameful habits and closer towards self-acceptance. My emotional eating has reduced about 60-70% and THAT is FREEDOM. Thank you for the incredible work we did together." Kelly, England.


"I am so grateful I met Kimila! I have been fortunate enough to receive coaching from her! Since our time together, my relationship with food has healed immensely and she has guided me through the subconscious work to heal my negative thought patterns and beliefs! I am the most hopeful I have ever been and love that enjoying food is fun again!" Leanna, USA.


"Since having a couple tapping sessions with Kim, I’ve felt lighter, have had less cravings for snacks & my fav cheese. I find I am more mindful about listening to my body and what it needs in that moment. Especially if my mind is overthinking. Thanks Kim I look forward to our next session!" Melissa, Canada.

"My session with you was so powerful. Your deep wisdom and intuition combined with unconditional loving nature made me feel both held and challenged. I felt huge relief and shifts after our session. I recommend you to anyone! I would trust my life in your hands. You were made for this." Zoe, Mexico.


"Been so blessed and amazed by the power of what surfaced during out tapping sessions. 

You skilfully have guided our conversations around what's beneath all of it which are the emotions. Which are in everything right?

I've known about tapping for a while but as with many things, knowing about something and actually using it practically are two different things! Many times it takes a friend, a guide to come alongside and support you. Thank you for being that friend.. so much love and appreciation" Benita, England.

"I'm really not craving stuff that I used to before our sessions, I completely forgot that the cookies and chips were in my cupboard, when usually late at night I wanna go for that. I no longer have that nagging feeling of "screw it go eat". I'm eating less and choosing better foods to nourish my body. I don't even want to snack.Doing the recording in the morning gets me motivated. 

The sessions with you Kim have surprisingly helped me forgive myself for things that happened in the past."

Bonnie, USA.

"Kim I want to thank you for the tapping work that you did with me, your voice is so soothing and you helped me with one of my biggest weight loss blockers which was my difficulty to get myself to exercise and I really appreciate what you did with that... 

Also surprisingly you helped me come to terms and accept a difficult situation I was in, this was so valuable because it put me in a good place. So I really want to thank you for all you did for me, you are a great coach and I see you going great places, I recommend you wholeheartedly to any possible person who would want to work with the most excellent coach."

 Dr Jill, USA.

This is amber maries 16 week body, mind and spirit challenge! Incredible transformation.

💕 Dare to dream 💕

"16 weeks ago I created a vision that I wanted to have abs, something I've never had before.

I also created a vision of energy, enthusiasm, joy, freedom and love.

In 16 short weeks all of these have materialized in a way that has blown my mind."


I love what Molly said, this is not about a number that you look to on a scale, self love and body love is everything, well done babe;

'Forget having a goal weight. Aim to be healthier, happier and stronger 💪🏼 Believe it or not, I am the same weight in both pictures...

Progress is progress no matter how long it takes. Keep the vision alive! I can honestly say in the last year I have never felt better about how I look and feel.

I owe that to my drive to keep pushing for the next level and the amazing nutrition system we have to fuel my body with the best way I know how. I can't wait to see what else the future will bring! '


I'm so impressed with my sister Telina, who has said she would take this up a notch and she has 💜

"Before ya zoom in on my ass (creeps) take a few seconds to learn WHY Im sharing my story..

I'm going to be completely transparent with y'al & admit I felt incredibly uncomfortable sharing my "before" photos last week at the start of my shred before returning to Sydney..


I'm ashamed for letting myself go the last few months, my schedule went to sh*t, I moved house, and prioritised coaching other people achieve their results over focusing on my own.
- can anyone else relate? #lifegoeson

BUTT** here's my 1 week progress, it might physically impress you. It might not... either way what it doesn't capture is what "being more determined and focused" flowed through my entire week.

I was more productive, organised, conscious and motivated to get sh*^ done..

What I've found evident in a week is... How you do one thing is how you do everything. Let the love for yourself slip and everything will slip.

Let your self go physically & first ya mind goes cray cray and then everything else will slip.

So creepers zooming in on my photo, FYI I'm down a few kgs & already released 14inch from my body.."


My bestie Rachel came to stay with me here and I was able to hear more of her story and the absolute radical difference changing her lifestyle has made for her overall health.

The picture on the left was on a holiday to America with girlfriends that was the final straw for her..... She had spent all her savings on my dream trip, but hated every single picture!!

"I deleted or cropped my head out in most. Can you relate?
I tried every thing to lose weight and get healthy.... Nothing worked.... Until I found the cleanse I'm so fond of!!! 13kgs down.... 3 years on and as the picture show's, there is more to this system than weight loss!! It's a balanced lifestyle!!
❌Two drinks at time
❌Swollen puffy face
❌Bags under my eyes
❌Double chin
❌A fake smile
❌Cropped picture to only show my face
❌Unhealthy diet
❌Poor sleep
❌Low self esteem
✔️a real smile
✔️healthy skin
✔️bright eyes
✔️no puffiness
✔️higher self worth
✔️fresh and free

Well done Rach, it is an honour to witness you!


I met Melissa at yoga in Vallarta and I  got to talking about what I both do here, this lovely Canadian asked if this system could help with weight loss, energy and flexibility...

7 months later and she has absolutely rocked this and continues to do so!


I met Sandra at a retreat in Thaliand 8 years ago! We stayed connected through social media then she contacted me 3 years ago to see if what I was doing could support her health and lifestyle!

I still remember our first conversation Sandy and how your spoke of such CLARITY that this is what you wanted and you have done it!

"I had tried everything to holistically manage my health. It isn't a quick fix, it's a system and product range that you implement into your daily regime of health, to keep you at optimum health. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me and joined me on this incredible journey of health. Big love to you all ❤️"


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