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Kind words from my clients

"EFT Tapping with Kimila is the ONLY thing that is helping me with my eating disorder. I am halfway through a 12 week intensive healing process and we are getting to the roots of it all.

In the past I've tried hypnosis every diet in the books, energy work, holotropic breathing, family constellations, you name it... EFT with Kimila is the only thing that is actually making a difference, I highly recommend you check it out if you're struggling.

My EFT Therapist Kim is the kindest and most loving person and I feel 100% safe with her to go DEEP."

Tamara, Switzerland.


"I am so grateful I met Kimila! I have been fortunate enough to receive coaching from her!


Since our time together, my relationship with food has healed immensely and she has guided me through the subconscious work to heal my negative thought patterns and beliefs! I am the most hopeful I have ever been and love that enjoying food is fun again!"

Leanna, USA

"Working deeply with Kimila for the last 6 months has been a life changing journey for me. Food no longer controls me or my life.


I feel so free not just with my eating but in my life. Free to try new things and to live my life to the full. Our sessions were about so much more than just stopping or easing the binge eating,  they have helped me to heal the deep core wounds preventing me from being able to engage fully with my life.

Kimila was always able to expertly guide me to find the core issue, and then with love, understanding and deep compassion help me heal my deep trauma.I felt so safe, nurtured and understood and I am so deeply grateful to Kimila for her ability to hold space for me, even in the toughest of sessions."

Janette, Australia

“The experience with Kimila during our 12-session coaching was wonderful. I felt really safe, and went back in memory with her to see and heal the experiences that come back to me even at my age and mess me up, especially in regards to emotional eating (but go far beyond just the food). And, as one hears so frequently, it is never “just” the food - it’s boundary issues, and things that tie-in tightly with our feeling of self worth... or lack of it. I am deeply grateful to Kimila for her help, her professionalism and her creativity during our online sessions, highly highly highly recommend!!!”

Susanna, Greece

"Since having a couple tapping sessions with Kim, I’ve felt lighter, have had less cravings for snacks & my fav cheese.


I find I am more mindful about listening to my body and what it needs in that moment. Especially if my mind is overthinking. Thanks Kim I look forward to our next session!" Melissa, Canada


Friends! I signed up with lady Kimila for 12 sessions in 2022 and I am NOT kidding - this woman is a gifted therapist and coach.


We went DEEP and while I've had plenty of therapy it never felt effective to get to the root of my issues. Working with Kimila was hands down, without a doubt, the best decision.


She is effective and skilled to get to the heart of the issue. In addition to the individual sessions, she also sends recordings and worksheets that continue to help continue the work after the session is finished. I knew I needed to work with someone because my nightly wine drinking habit had replaced my binge eating habits and I'd had enough.


Plus, it messed up my fasting. I just couldn't imagine a night without alcohol. It filled a void, just as food used to. In my time with Kimila McPherson, I was able to tap into that kid in me who felt alone and heal this wound. If you're on the fence...jump. You won't regret it. Kimila is the real deal."

Marjorie Sarlow - USA

"Most effective therapeutic techniques I have EVER encountered! The dark thoughts are GONE! This is a fucking miracle! Kimila is the tits, this therapy is the tits!"

Savannah, USA.


"I really want people to know just how safe you made the experience of tapping. That safety, your genuine concern and natural empathy allowed me when needed to go deep and uncover blocks that I didn't even know were there. 

After working with a psychologist for years, I'm still blown away at the efficiency and effectiveness of EFT. Every session I was able to clear away layers of stress release and reset.
Honestly, I can't thank you enough!"

Melanie, Australia

“The work with Kim, has reworked and rewired my body and brain to allow for entire new paradigms to unfold in my life. Truly powerful.


Not to be missed. Blessings to all who read this. Know that you are loved.”

Rochelle, USA


"My session with you was so powerful. Your deep wisdom and intuition combined with unconditional loving nature made me feel both held and challenged.


I felt huge relief and shifts after our session. I recommend you to anyone! I would trust my life in your hands. You were made for this."

Zoe, England.

"My sessions with you Kimila, helped me to understand that lingering guilt around food and diet allows me not to thrive. I'm essentially in self-sabotage mode when i'm repeating this pattern. This not only effects the way I feel and see myself in my skin, but this ripples in to other areas of my life too.


I have become more consciously aware of this now since our sessions together, and I now have the capacity to move further away from shameful habits and closer towards self-acceptance.


My emotional eating has reduced about 60-70% and THAT is FREEDOM. Thank you for the incredible work we did together."

Kelly, England.

kirsty profile.jpeg

I originally booked 6 EFT tapping sessions with Kimila to help me with over eating and emotional eating. What happened over those six sessions was truly magical.

I peeled back many layers of childhood conditioning and healed childhood trauma that I didn’t realise was still impacting me. I felt so safe, seen and heard with Kimila as she held space for me each session to be my true self. At the end of the 6 sessions I’ve been able to accept and love myself for who I am right now. I no longer feel guilty about not finishing everything on my plate and happy to throw out what I don’t need. I’m aware of my patterns around emotional eating but have powerful tapping skills to support me when I’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I’m so grateful I invested in myself, my healing and Kimila’s support. I highly recommend Kimila’s sessions for everyone."

Kirsty, Australia.

"Kim has been a blessing. Working with her liberated me from a dependency on food, cravings and emotional eating that I wasn’t even aware of.

After the work we accomplished, I was able to tap into emotions and heal past trauma I never knew existed. 

I’m beyond impressed with how quickly I was able to address these past traumas, and recover past them.


I highly recommend Kim and her work, for anyone in need."

Janise, USA


"I'm really not craving stuff that I used to before our sessions, I completely forgot that the cookies and chips were in my cupboard, when usually late at night I wanna go for that. I no longer have that nagging feeling of "screw it go eat".


I'm eating less and choosing better foods to nourish my body. I don't even want to snack.Doing the recording in the morning gets me motivated.

The sessions with you Kim have surprisingly helped me forgive myself for things that happened in the past."

Bonnie, USA.

"Kim I want to thank you for the tapping work that you did with me, your voice is so soothing and you helped me with one of my biggest weight loss blockers which was my difficulty to get myself to exercise and I really appreciate what you did with that...

Also surprisingly you helped me come to terms and accept a difficult situation I was in, this was so valuable because it put me in a good place. So I really want to thank you for all you did for me, you are a great coach and I see you going great places, I recommend you wholeheartedly to any possible person who would want to work with the most excellent coach."

Dr Jill, USA

"Been so blessed and amazed by the power of what surfaced during out tapping sessions. 


You skilfully have guided our conversations around what's beneath all of it which are the emotions. Which are in everything right?

I've known about tapping for a while but as with many things, knowing about something and actually using it practically are two different things!


Many times it takes a friend, a guide to come alongside and support you. Thank you for being that friend.. so much love and appreciation"

Benita, England

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