Kim McPherson is an EFT tapping therapist who helps exhausted women regain their energy, balance their mood and end emotional eating forever in the fastest way possible!

Through a specialised form of EFT Tapping I aim to mend the gap between knowing and doing.


I uses an east meets west approach, based on leading edge psychology to reprogram the mind. Thus healing your relationship with your body and food.


So if you have tried EVERYTHING to have a great relationship with food and with your body,


Take a deep breath, you're in the right place.​


I've helped many women lose weight and stop eating emotionally without depriving themselves of the foods they love!


My heartfelt mission is to help you overcome your lifelong struggle with food, to release self sabotage and so live in your true potential.

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Thanks for submitting!


Leanna, USA

I am so grateful I met Kimila! I have been fortunate enough to receive coaching from her! Since our time together, my relationship with food has healed immensely and she has guided me through the subconscious work to heal my negative thought patterns and beliefs! I am the most hopeful I have ever been and love that enjoying food is fun again!


Melissa, Canada

Since having a couple tapping sessions with Kim, I’ve felt lighter, have had less cravings for snacks & my fav cheese. I find I am more mindful about listening to my body and what it needs in that moment. Especially if my mind is overthinking. Thanks Kim I look forward to our next session!


Kelly, UK

My sessions with you Kimila, helped me to understand that lingering guilt around food and diet allows me not to thrive. I'm essentially in self-sabotage mode when i'm repeating this pattern. This not only effects the way I feel and see myself in my skin, but this ripples in to other areas of my life too. I have become more consciously aware of this now since our sessions together, and I now have the capacity to move further away from shameful habits and closer towards self-acceptance. My emotional eating has reduced about 60-70% and THAT is FREEDOM. Thank you for the incredible work we did together.


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