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Tapping for Emotional Regulation (Including Anger and Self Sabotage)

This program is for women who struggle to regulate their emotions, who experience the side effects of repressed anger such as overwhelm, self sabotage,  frustration, impatience and irritability.

Here's what you get:

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 1:1 support: Weekly or bimonthly 50 minute personalised sessions
Customised plan for emotional regulation

PDF tapping scripts (lifetime access): 
How to Tap for Everyday Emotions/ Challenges. Tapping for Resistance to Change. Stress/ Overwhelm Releasing Exercises- reduce stress/ anxiety/ overwhelm by 70-100% in 10 minutes. How to do Anger Work- to reduce Overwhelm, Frustration and Depression.
Training Modules
These are specific to your own needs, not all women will resonate with each module, each of the 6-12 personal sessions will be structured around what you need.
1) Identify your specific Subconscious Self Sabotage Behaviours — What are your subconscious blocks and how we can move through these.
2) Heal the inner child — Find and heal the hidden reasons for suppressing/repressing emotions. You no longer use food/alcohol or any other substance as a coping mechanism. Heal big and small traumas/experiences from your childhood and learn how to do this for yourself in the future. 
3) Eliminate Self Sabotage — Identify/reprogram the reasons you’ve been sabotaging/rebelling against releasing weight and sticking to goals. 
4) Heal “What happened last time” you expressed yourself freely.
5) Boundaries — STOP people pleasing and be super clear with your own needs, then heal/reprogram past times when your boundaries were overstepped.
6) Learn lifelong tools to manage stress ie “Queen of Emotional Regulation” You will now be able to effortlessly balance your inner world. Life will inevitably have challenges, you now have a lifelong tool to navigate this with ease.
7) Heal the Strong Inner Critic — learn new tools to reprogram your judgemental, critical and negative thoughts.

8) Safe anger management release — You have now released suppressed anger and frustration using the best tools in modern psychology.



You will learn a lifelong tool to regulate your emotions, release self sabotage and release repressed anger.
You will not be at the same level of emotional regulation when you complete this program.

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